Sailing and Motor
yacht insurance

Hull and machinery
Cover for hull, and equipment whether due to total or partial loss. Cover can extend to machinery break down, electronic equipment, and personal effects, including valuable objects.

Motorboat Covers

We offer a full range of covers for motorboats including laid up terms, accessories and trailers

Lighter craft, dinghies and marine toys

Lighter craft can be insured separately or as part of a complete yacht insurance. Covers can be fully comprehensive or third-party risks, including legal defense

Captain / Crew health, life & accident

Whether ashore or afloat, Seippel and Seippel offer expert solutions for medical cover including hospitalization to match either individual or crew requirements. Covers can be local, regional or global. The Seippel solutions can allow crew to keep policies between ships or when ashore.

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Third party liability

Third party insurance provides cover for damages to third parties that the owner, guests or crew have caused with the use of the vessel

P & I, Protection and Indemnity insurance

P&I is an extended and extensive maritime third-party liability insurance providing protection the owner in direct connection with the operations of the yacht.